KAREVA Marketing GmbH

KAREVA Marketing GmbH was found under registration number HRB 55213 in Hamburg, Germany on March 15th., 1994 by it’s partners REMY & Co. KG, Hamburg and Kappe Intermediar  B.V., Veendam, Netherlands.

In the first years KAREVA Marketing GmbH‘s activities were limited to the marketing of Calcium Chloride liquid and solid from the production of KAREVA B.V. in Veendam, Netherlands. KAREVA was one of the first production sites in the world which replaced the traditional Calcium Chloride Flakes with a concentration of 77/80 % by highly concentrated Calcium Cloride prills with 94/96 %.

In 2004, KAREVA Marketing GmbH was integrated  into Remy & Co. KG as a 100 % subsidiary. With the experience gained over the years and specific Know How in the different application fields, new distribution agreements with several producers have been signed. On the sales side not only Europe remained in focus but also new oversea markets were explored. At the same time, the portafolio has been expanded with products orientated mostly to the same industries using our Calcium Chloride.